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    Are you implementing or thinking to implement an ERP like SAP? Let’s start with some basics.

    Application Management

    Solec understands that in order for clients to be successful - they must focus on their core business processes. Developing internal robust SAP Application support - across the entire SAP product suite - can be tedious, costly, and difficult to maintain. That's where Solec’s Application Management Services (AMS) steps in by providing a proven flexible and cost-effective SAP production support model.

    Our robust SAP AMS services provide dedicated 24x7 technical and functional production support. From an SAP technical perspective - our SAP AMS services handle all areas of SAP starting with HANA, Netweaver (Basis), Solution Manager, Security, ABAP, Business Intelligence, and Process Integration (PI/XI). From an SAP functional perspective - Solec's AMS Center of Excellence (COE) supports core-ERP including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management ( HCM), Financials (FI), Controlling (CO), Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Warehouse Management (WM), Sales & Distribution (SD), Business Intelligence ( BI), Advanced Planning & Optimization ( APO) etc. Solec's customized client AMS services allow us to expand both coverage and skillset if required as well.

    Full life cycle implementation

    While all team members within an SAP implementation play a pivotal role, Project Management is simply crucial for successful delivery. Solec understands this. Our approach to implementations is grounded in both project methodology and experience. Project Management is not a science but an art; therefore, following a prescribed project methodology without practical “been-there-done-that” experience is fruitless. While blueprints are fundamental to building a house, the understanding on how to read and execute that plan is equally as important.

    Our SAP Competency Center is steeped in years of both hands-on technical and/or functional expertise as well as focused project management oversight. Leveraging a blend of both SAP-centric (Accelerated SAP/ASAP methodology) as well industry practiced project methodologies like (Project Management Institute's PMP, Agile/Scrum, etc.) - our project management approach works with our clients’ specific needs to ensure successful SAP initiative delivery.

    Finally - our model provides clients with a fixed monthly cost based on the customer-selected SAP production support skillsets, service level agreements, and monthly allocated number of support hours. This 100% customizable AMS delivery model provides the needed flexibility and cost-sensitivity required for long-term SAP production support stability... and peace of mind.


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    Our BAAN services include Implementation, Application Optimization, Application Support and Training.

    BAAN Implementation

    • Our Discovery Phase involves thoroughly understanding the clients current Business Processes, identifying the current interfaces, Reporting requirements and Data Migration needs.
    • During the Design Phase Process maps are prepared for Key Business Areas and reviewed with Stakeholders, Key users and Subject Matter Experts.
    • Development phase involves building the necessary extensions, Integrations and migrations.
    • During the Testing Phase System Test, User Acceptance Test, Integration test, Performance test by the implementation team and Users ensure that the Application is ready to be deployed.
    • Training and Deployment phase involves training the end user in making sure they are understand and appreciate the new application. Post Deployment support ensures a smooth transition and user buy-in.

    Application Optimization

    As Business Processes mature and technologies evolve there is a continuous need to Optimize the existing BAAN application.

    Highly targeted customizations to the BAAN application, Building additional modules, Integrations, Application tuning and performance enhancements are some of the key activities among others that we can help you with.

    Application Support

    Our SLA ( Service Level Agreement) driven support ensures that the issues raised during the usage of the application are addressed by our team of experts. We provide configurable options to chose from various levels of support whether it is call handling, functional support or Root cause analysis.

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    Solec's consultants have provided services to a number of customers using BAAN ERP, if you are interested in learning more about our service offerings specific to BAAN ERP, Click here