Staff Augmentation

Attaining and maintaining the highest level of quality is of paramount importance to today's businesses. Most organizations requires additional skill sets or encounter deadlines that require extra resources. At Solec we can provide you with highly skilled and specialized consultants to your site rapidly and cost-effectively.

Solec consultants supply a rich and diverse knowledge of technology and industry, and are trained to adapt to any working environment. We have believed in delivering the highest possible value to our customer. We have achieved this by maintaining a strong focus on quality through a continuous process of learning and by adopting state of the art tools, techniques, methodologies and standards./

What you can expect from us

Best of the Crop: At Solec, our team is dedicated to helping you find the absolute best IT professionals to work on your next project or to join your staff of full-time employees. We carefully screen for qualified candidates and help you select just the right resource with just the right skill set and experience you require.

Our Process

Following are some of the areas we provide consulting for :We work with you to define your staffing requirements.

  • Our account managers and recruiters identify and select qualified candidates to match your organization and requirements.
  • We schedule interviews with approved candidates.
  • The account manager gets feedback after each interview and make any adjustments if necessary.
  • After the final selection your Solec account manager helps ease the transition into the position.
  • Your Solec account manager reviews the progress of your new hire to ensure your satisfaction.


We realize that today's business requires constant changes to fit in with the changing scope and requirements. Our consultants are ready to accommodate these changes. You can keep us indefinitely or can retain individuals on contract or for hire. Our account managers are always available to accommodate and discuss these


At Solec we are dedicated to meet with all and any of your deadlines./p>

Cost Savings: With Solec consulting we guarantee to save you 20 to 40 percent of your cost. We bill only for time and materials, so there is no over-use (over-time) or under-use of resources.


Our service system is so effective that we are confident you will be satisfied. We will take every step necessary to provide you with a temporary employee that meets or exceeds your performance standards. If you are not pleased with the performance of a temporary, we will replace that employee, with reasonable notice, at no cost to you.

Solec recognizes quality consultancy as a high-end service and positions itself in the global market as a competent service provider that ensures value-add through deployment of quality practitioners with immense domain knowledge.