Testing / Quality Assurance

Solec provides complete offshore and on-site testing services to global companies. We can serve as the sole QA team, augment your testing team or provide independent, third party validation of your testing processes and results. We work with your internal product development teams to ensure the highest degree of software quality before product release.

We have extensive experience in building the best TCOE by implementing the best practices in software quality assurance space to cater different types of testing activities, which can be seen below in our Software testing services diagram. Yes, we know you would be little worried on the automation part and that is where we bring in our service virtualization and test data management activities integrated with our automation services, to optimize the process of SQA activities.

With our dedicated staff of QA professionals, sophisticated testing lab and rigorous testing processes, we deliver the ideal testing services to our customers.

Be it the Standard waterfall model



Or the Verification and Validation model


Or the Agile Model


Or, be it the ASAP methodology

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


Our core TCOE team can help you achieve your goals with various types of testing services.



And our standard software testing life cycle, that is always customized according to the needs of your goals.